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Chinese media impartiality during 1960s to 1980s

March 19, 2009

The biggest influence of Chinese media for last fifty years is the famous China Culture Revolution. It lasted from 1966 to 1976, about 10 years. In my mind, it’s a regrettable time, because all of students couldn’t go to school or universities during that time, instead, they had to go to countryside to do farm work.

Here is a vedio showing a kind of dance which everyone have to learn at that time, and the dance means you’re always loyal to the government, so it’s called loyalty dancing.



It’s also a scary time, as all the people, especially reporters, had to be extremely carefully about what they say both in public and private, otherwise, you will be charged with counterrevolutionary and maybe you will die. So there was no impartiality at all. Let’s have a look. Many culture was destroyed and Chinese vice president died during Culture Revolution. You can see in this video.It is in English.



At that time, the media was totally closed and strictly regulated by the government. All they can do was broadcasting some dance and song of praising the president.


The Culture Revolution ended in 1976 and after that, China carried out the reform of opening up, but culture had such a huge influence and the new generation of 1980s as me, haven’t been born yet, so the media also had no freedom of speech, so no impartiality. The CCTV was the only TV station and was regulated by military force. The presenters and reporters even couldn’t cry on TV, otherwise, they would lose the job. Here is example. She is the No.1 presenter in China in 1980s, She lost the job just because she cried when broadcasting a disaster. At that day, the live program was cut just after her cry and we never see her on CCTV. Unfortunately, I can’t find any video of her last show from the internet.


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