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Chinese major media entities

March 17, 2009

== Newspapers ==


People’s Daily 《人民日报》 – National voice of the Party. Also available in an English version.

China Youth Daily 《中国青年报》

Guangming Daily 《光明日报》
Guangming Online also has a comprehensive index of newspapers and media groups.

Southern Media Group
Southern Metropolitan Daily 《南方都市报》
Southern Weekend 《南方周末》 – known for investigative exposes and a revolving door that lands editors in jail


Beijing Youth Daily Group
Beijing Youth Daily 《北京青年报》
(Legal) Mirror 《法制晚报》 (they’ve taken ‘Mirror’ off the nameplate and masthead recently)
The First 《竞报》

Beijing Daily Group
– ☆Beijing Daily《北京日报》
Beijing Morning Post 《北京晨报》
Beijing Evening News 《北京晚报》 current day accessible off front page
– Their intro page says that The First is part of this group, but Beijing Youth Daily also lists it.
Beijing Daily Messenger 《信报》

The Beijing News 《新京报》 – Southern Media Group and Guangming Daily venture; soon to be sold to the Beijing Youth Daily Group. On a Quest to become the New York Times of China.

Beijing Times 《京华时报》 – People’s Daily group


Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group
Xinmin Evening News 《新民晚报》
Oriental Morning Post 《东方早报》

Jiefang Daily 《解放日报》


Chongqing Evening News 《重庆晚报》

Yangcheng Evening News (Guangzhou) 《羊城晚报》
== Portals ==

Xinhuanet 新华网

Baidu News, Baidu News Ticker

Sina 新浪网 – News
China News
Most commented news articles:

Netease 网易 – News

Sohu 搜狐 – News
Media Map Incredible index of local publications across the country

Tom – News

Eastday 东方网

== Magazines ==


☆Outlook 《瞭望新闻周刊》 Articles hosted on

Oriental Outlook 《瞭望东方周刊》 – Outlook spinoff also run by Xinhua; it’s meant to be a quasi-independent, “alternative” news-weekly.

Xinmin Weekly 《新民周刊》

Caijing 《财经》
English Newsletter

China Newsweek 《中国新闻周刊》

Globe 《环球》 Xinhua News Agency magazine

New Weekly 《新周刊》

New Times Weekly 《新世纪周刊》

Life Week《三联生活周刊》 (also on Sina)

Worldview 《看世界》

Window on the South 《南风窗》

Southern People Weekly 《南方人物周刊》

Phoenix Weekly 《凤凰周刊》 (Not sure if this link will work; it might be date or session tied)


Modern Media
Modern Weekly 《周末画报》
– Modern Media also publishes The Outlook Magazine 《新视线》 and City Magazine 《号外》.

Trends Group
FHM 《男人装》
Esquire 《时尚·ESQUIRE》
– The group also publishes Bazaar, National Geographic Traveler, Men’s Health, Good Housekeeping, etc.

mENbox 《时尚君子》

Southern Media Group (also Southern People Weekly above and several newspapers)
Ma(n)gazine 《名牌》 “mangazine·名牌 is the only fashion magazine in China whose target readers are no one but highclass men in the society. It aims to start a elite time and define the elite class in China.”
City Pictorial (is this Fashion?) 《城市画报》

Glamour Group:
Men’s Style 《魅力先生》
Figure 《健体风尚》 (Geez! Check out the CD they’re giving away with this one!
Glamour 《魅力风尚》
—but these pages are pretty much empty. Use the publisher’s front page

Gentlemen 《君子风尚》

Rayli 《瑞丽》 (fashion magazine empire, flagship publication Rayli is probably the Chinese glossy magazine with the highest circulation nationwide)

ViVi 《昕薇》

WomanFriend Group 《女友》 (popular series of girly-girl magazines but their website hasn’t updated in quite a while)
Style 《女友花园版》
Cute 《女友校园版》 – college edition
Love 《女友家园版》 – home edition
– Man (but unknown if anyone actually reads the thing) and others

Voyage (New Traveler) 《新旅行》

Touch 《TOUCH双休日潮流周刊》

Banana 《演艺周刊》


== Television ==

China Central Televison 中央电视台

  • Channel 1: General News. This channel produces the main evening news broadcast, and usually has the first run of serious, patriotic TV series.
  • Channel 2: Business.
  • Channel 3: Arts.
  • Channel 4: International (Chinese language)
  • Channel 5: Sports
  • Channel 6: Movies
  • Channel 7: Military and Agriculture (runs kids’ programs during the afternoon)
  • Channel 8: Dramatic series
  • Channel 9: International (English propaganda)
  • Channel 10: Education
  • Channel 11: Peking Opera
  • Channel 12: Society and Law
  • In addition to the numbered channels, there are also:
    • 24-hour news
    • Children’s channel
    • Music
    • French and Spanish – dubbed rebroadcasts of CCTV 4 and 9

Phoenix TV and Phoenix News & Finance 凤凰卫视/凤凰资讯 – Mandarin language broadcasts out of Hong Kong. Program guide is available.

StarTV 星空卫视: Product of Rupert Murdoch’s Asia arm, Star Group Ltd. Runs shameless knockoffs of western TV, crass humor shows from Taiwan, and old Hong Kong movies.

SunTV 阳光卫视: Reworked History channel programming, panel discussions from Chinese intellectuals, and infomercials.

Channel V: Music videos.

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