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The cease of publication for “China Business Post”

March 15, 2009

I can’t find any writen Chinese media Censorship, but there is a story which is discussed very often in the internet.

The process  of cease”China Business Post” publication

FIT Document(Z:912a1A1.FIT)

Step One: Origin

July 11, 2008, “China Business Post” reporter Fan Cui published a story named “The truth of striping  4,600,000,000 RMB (Chinese Yuan)of huge non-performing assets by Agricultural Bank of China branch in Changde “ , which reported  the Agricultural Bank of China, Changde Branch striped non-performing assets of 4.621 billion yuan irregularly. And the insightful background of this report was “Agricultural Bank of China started to strip non-performing assets 800 billion RMB(Chinese Yuan).”

The second step, objection

August 11, 2008, after “China Business Post”published the story a full month later,it  received a letter from the Agricultural Bank of China . The letter said that the Agriculture Bank of China didn’t agree the report and doubted the motivation behind the reporting. In the meantime, Agriculture Bank of China requested some requirement for the “China Bussiness Post” to meet.

What are the requirements? Because we can’t see this letter, so we do not know. However, “China Bussiness Post” replied, “You Bank reported it to the relevant publicity management sector of the government after seeing the story”, from this, we can know that the Agricultural Bank of China tried to stop the reporting  through the Propaganda Department of the government. Of course, I only guess but not sure.

The third step is response

“China Business Post” replied after receiving the letter of Agricultural Bank of China , saying that “Although the details of truth may be not all accurate, but the reason of the report  is justice, rather than malicious.”  And “China Bussiness Post” decided to ask  other reporters to edit comprehensive review about this report, (the original reporter Fan Cui should be avoided in the review process) … … At the same time, in the review process, the newspaper would like to collect the relevant information to send the Agriculture Band of China. ”

The fourth step: to cease publication

But then, many people was shocked by the result,because I think that if reports are not true, the Agricultural Bank may require “China Business Post” to apology and it  can also prosecute the paper, however, the final result is:

As “China Business Post”published a  false report this year,  the authority identified it as the violation of “news-gathering procedures(such as the approval) need to fulfill before the formal interview,”  “when reporting significant, sensitive news, the media organization needs to exchange the views to the report target” and other news propaganda discipline, leading to maladministration.

Therefore, the authorities decided to cease the publication of China Business Post for three months to rectify the mistake.

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