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The culture and history influence on Chinese media impartiality

March 13, 2009

In practise, media is the mouth and ear of public.Therefore,media has to care the public audience, and try to find a balance between it and the impartiality, although it is difficult to get. So, Chinese media has to care  most of Chinese audience, to on the side of the majority.For instance, in China, most people never forgive Japanese, for the Japanese army killed millions of Chinese people during the second World War but Japanese government never admit it.This one of report by Chinese media:

“Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has reaffirmed his pledge to visit the controversial Yasukuni war shrine on the anniversary of Japan’s World War Two surrender next week.

Mr. Koizumi told a reporter Tuesday that his pledge is “still valid.” If he goes next week, it would fulfill a campaign promise he made in 2001 to visit the shrine on the August 15th anniversary of the surrender.

The prime minister has visited the shrine yearly since taking office, but never on August 15th. His visits to Yasukuni have always been controversial because convicted war criminals are among the dead enshrined there. 

China and South Korea object to those visits because they say they glorify Japan’s wartime aggression in the region.”

On the other hand, if it is reported by the Japanese media, they must on the side of Japan as there were lots of Japanese people soldiers died at that time and they think that they should repect the dead soldiers, who are usually respected as heros in Japan. 

At the same time, most Chinese people don’t want Taiwan to be independent, so Chinese media usually on the side of Chinese government because journalists who report on the issue don’t admit Taiwan’s independence,too.In order to explain the reason, I have to talk about a little of Chinese history.

Around 1930s and 1940s, China had two major political parties, one is Communist party, and the other is Nationalist Party,which is Taiwan’s political party now.During 1945-1949, it is the time of National War between these two political parties.And Nationalist party moved to Taiwan after National War because it was defeated.That is the origin reason why there is bad relationship between China and Taiwan.And because of culture difference an each place’s patriotic education, Chinese and Taiwanese don’t like each other sometimes.Therefore,Chinese media usually on the side of the government and Taiwanese media on the side its own political party,because they both have to care their audience.And it is true that most Chinese don’t admit Taiwan’s independence while most Taiwanese want Taiwan to be independent.

This is a TV bulletin by Taiwanese media says that Chinese government suppress the Taiwan’s willing to join WHO(World Heath Organization).And they said that Chinese government was vety rude to them.We can see at the end it is said that say no to China and say yes to Taiwan.

And it is a bulletin of CCTV English Channel, reporting President Hu and President Bush’s talk on Taiwan and Tibet issue.


Finally, i think China today is the outcome of its history and culture, we can’t say wether it is wrong or right of Chinese media.And we all can’t change it to be the same as American media or other media in a short time.It’s the same as you can’t change a Asian person’s way of thinking to be a western way of thinking in a minute. What I can do is finding the difference and learn from it.

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